Integrated Solutions for Process Engineering and Mining Management

Minepro Solutions is the natural evolution of Scypi.

Since 2007, Scypi has been providing professional mining process and management services.


During this period, it has grown, learned, and formed a compact team of collaborators and established clients who are provided with quality service. It’s time to keep moving forward, expanding infrastructure and new services. That’s why Minepro Solutions was born.


Minepro Solutions will provide the services previously provided by SCYPI, S.L., maintaining the same technical, administrative, commercial, and management structure.

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Sustainable Mining

Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience and is highly trained to drive every stage of the project, from interpreting the geology and mineralogy of the deposits to supervising the commissioning of treatment facilities. This covers all intermediate phases of engineering, plant testing, plant design, construction, and commissioning.

Our Services

We cover all the needs and challenges to successfully carry out a mining project.


Nowadays, the challenges of mining are enormous. Achieving efficient, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly production should be the goals to strive for in any project.


Efficiency is key in mining projects to optimize resources, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable results.


Sustainability in mining ensures the protection of the environment and responsible development of resources.


Proper environmental management in mining preserves nature and promotes responsible practices in the industry.

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Consolidated Reputation