Metallurgical research is one of the key aspects in the development of a mining project. Adequate sample selection, along with proper design, monitoring, and execution of the testing program, will pave the way for subsequent phases of interpretation and engineering designs of treatment facilities.


Proper coordination and monitoring of the testing program will ensure the maximum performance of the minerallurgy – metallurgy laboratory, which, in its embryonic phase, consumes a large part of the financial resources, not only in relation to the execution of the tests but also due to the use of physical samples of drill material from the deposit, whose acquisition (preparation, chemical analysis, interpretation, etc.) involves several hundred thousand euros.



Geometallurgy seeks to integrate geological and metallurgical knowledge to improve the representativeness of sampling in downstream research. By considering the variability of the deposit and the properties of the minerals, better decisions can be made at all stages of the process, from exploration to production.

Muestras de minerales

Mineralurgical - metallurgical testing

We have a collaboration agreement with the University of Oviedo through which we operate their sample preparation, minerallurgy and metallurgy laboratories at the Mieres Polytechnic School. We operate their sample preparation, mineralurgy and metallurgy laboratories at the Escuela Politécnica de Mieres, where we mainly carry out crushing, grinding, abrasion, flotation and gravimetric tests.

Laboratorio deminerales
cog ico


This discipline focuses on designing, optimizing, and operating mineral extraction and processing processes efficiently, safely, and sustainably. To achieve this, we carry out the following tasks based on the laboratory results:

  • Interpretation of laboratory results.
  • Industrial process design basics.
  • Process flow diagram design.
  • Mass and water balances.
  • Equipment sizing.
  • Mechanical implementation design.
  • Infrastructure design.
  • Estimation of investment and operating costs.
  • Product commercialization studies.