Water in

Integrated water cycle management in mining projects

  • Riotinto (Andalusia)
  • Corcoesto (Galicia)
  • Oropesa (Andalusia)
  • Los Frailes (Andalusia)
  • Las Navas (Extremadura)
  • Alquife (Andalusia)
  • Muga (Navarre)
  • Lagoa Salgada Grândola Portugal)
Plano de mina

The management system has been designed for all of them, integrating in many cases the use of acidic water stored in old sludge ponds or abandoned mine cuttings and using it as the main source of supply for the ore processing plant.open pits

Gestión del agua en minería

Effluent management and treatment

As part of the water management system, and for some of the mentioned projects, effluent treatment systems have been designed for discharge into the natural environment, reuse as process water, or recovery of dissolved metals, through:

  • Precipitation of metals in the form of hydroxides by adding calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide.
  • Precipitation of thiosalts by adding hydrogen peroxide.
  • Extraction of copper by ion exchange resins, followed by a stage of extraction and electrolysis of the enriched solution.
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